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“You can do it, yes you can!” 

Lena Banks

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“Find ways things CAN be done rather than excuses why they can’t.” Lena Banks

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I’m a scriptwriting advisor, consultant, teacher, mentor, and development expert with over 18 years as Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret.  I work with every level of scriptwriter from the very well-known to the yet-to-be-known.  I also provide creative enlightenment to writers, directors and actors I’m known as “The Hollywood Muse” –

One-on-one private mentoring

Hourly rate: $275

50 hours: $7,500 (a good value – a $150 per hour discount) one-on-one professional Hollywood scriptwriting mentoring in person in Sherman Oaks, CA or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

100 Hours: $10,000 (great value – a $175 per hour discount) one-on-one professional Hollywood scriptwriting mentoring in person in Sherman Oaks, CA or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

150 Hours: $11,250 (best value – a $200 per hour discount) one-on-one professional Hollywood scriptwriting mentoring in person in Sherman Oaks, CA or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

Proper scriptwriting is the hardest most rigid writing in the world – to write properly you will need discovery, development, writing, tweaking, and polishing.  And, you won’t get that in a classroom.

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We cover everything you need – the goal is to get you from a wanna-be scriptwriter with no sellable script to having a script you can produce, star in, or sell. 

Shorten your learning curve by weeks, months, even years. Don’t just intend to write – get going – learn to write right now.

I know why 100% of the aspiring, newbie writers fail and know why you’ll never get a sellable completed script unless you get personal professional help.

I’m here to help you get things DONE.

Getting a great idea into a movie idea – DONE

(we must find the movie – the idea just gets the ball rolling)

Getting your logline down – DONE

(what is your movie about)

Getting ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3 envisioned – DONE

(breaking down your movie idea into proper formatting)
Getting to know your characters inside out – DONE.

(this requires an intense discovery)
Getting your first 5 lines to WOW them into wanting to read more – DONE.

(if it doesn’t “wow” the Reader won’t keep reading)
Getting your first page to blow the Reader out of the water – DONE.

(the script is not the movie – its what gets you in the door to talk about your project)
Getting a push to finish what you’ve started – DONE.

(proper scriptwriting is very rigid – it’s really 90% left brain and 10% right brain)
Getting a push to focus on accomplishing your script – DONE.

(There’s a huge work ethic needed for scriptwriting and many writers get discouraged)
Getting back to basics if you’re starting over – this time with new & better basics – DONE.

(100% of aspiring writers never got the basics)
Getting to your second draft completed – DONE.

(once you finish a script you need feedback – then you need to polish)
Getting your rewrite or update completed – DONE.

(you can’t get discouraged – I’m here to keep you going & do it with you, do it for you)
Getting your mind aligned to free up debilitating, defeating mindsets or behavior – DONE.

(aspiring writers get scared, so we work through those to have a goal)
Getting to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. scripts if you want – DONE.

(you don’t have to be a one-script-wonder)
And more…

You get this too:

  • You get personal help
  • Less time wasted trying to work things out on your own
  • Access to proven scriptwriting methods
  • Access to a Hollywood Gatekeeper
  • Valuable feedback on how you are progressing and encouragement when things get a bit tough
  • Business support as you come to realize Hollywood is a business and you want IN
  • Career Coaching – Press Releases, Pro Headshots, Writer’s Resume Help
  • Introduction to a Hollywood Agent when you’ve completed a studio ready script
  • Marketing Plans to “brand” you as a scriptwriter

Call me at: 323-247-7118

Email me: LB@ThinkTankInk.com

Over the last 18 years I’ve read thousands of scripts, worked on every studio lot in Hollywood, worked one-on-one with well known scriptwriters and hundreds of novice beginners.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me.   Your material is safe and kept private.

NOW AVAILABLE: Think Tank Ink Scriptwriting LIVE Workshop Audio

2-3 hours long $45 payable through Paypal or Money Order Email: LB@ThinkTankInk.com

You will be able to download it or listen to it online

How to WOW Like Hitchcock Did
What Type of Comedy is Your Comedy?
Where’s the Emotion?
Writing Sex, Love & Erotic Scenes #1
Writing Sex, Love & Erotic Scenes #2
Creating Great Characters (an absolute MUST – comes with PDF questionnaire)
Your Brilliant Comedy Script Structure
7 Act Structure and the “What If” Principle
Magic Tricks for Writing Comedy Movie Scripts

I’m here to help you get things DONE.


Private One-On-One Sessions

15 and 25 hour Discounted Mentoring Package available for

in person one-on-one or via Skype worldwide

YoLena Banks - Think Tank Inku shorten the learning curve by weeks, months, even years with one-on-one help.

What are you waiting for?   Call 323 247 7118

To your passion and success,

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