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Testimony From Industry Professional

“By far the Best Script Doctor…”

“Lena Banks is by far the best Script Doctor I have ever known and I’ve known plenty. She has put all her secrets and knowledge into her teaching and her new book How to Format a Movie Script and Get Started in Hollywood, which will develop new generations of film makers and screenwriters. Get her book…NOW!”

–     Dave Gist, Dave Gist Productions, Los Angeles



“Wow, Simple and Fast…”

“Wow, I just finished my 15 minutes free phone conversation that lasted 45 minutes with Lena, “the bitch with a red pen”.
I rename her the angel with the red pen. She gave me invaluable tips that I have never heard before, in the 3 years I’ve been taking Mater classes on screenwriting. I can’t wait to put them into practice.Thank you”

Annie from Canada


“Over delivers…”

“Lena,  just wanted to say thank you for the fact you are willing to give advice, when you haven’t gotten any money from me. I find your willingness to help a new screenwriter without asking anything in return as a pleasant surprise in the competitive movie business where everyone is so busy they don’t have time for anyone else. YET YOU DO, which I find extremely gracious and actually divine.I’ve read several screenwriting books, I have read Syd Fields, Linda Seger, Carlos de Abreu, Howard Jay Smith, Robert McKee, and I have to tell you that I have learned more valuable advice and information in a few e-mails from you than I did from reading all those books! I’m serious! I appreciate it. Thanks again.”

John from North Carolina


“First session – thrilled…”

“Just ten minutes into our first session and it hit me with a bang: my mentor, Lena, was the ultimate Hollywood screenwriting insider. I couldn’t have been more thrilled. In our first session, we covered basics–stuff I thought I knew from reading books by Syd Field, Robert McKee, and others. I quickly realized that I didn’t know enough. I learned much more than I thought I would in that one session; and I expect to learn a great deal more in future sessions. She really knows her stuff. So, here’s the deal: I want to become a successful spec screenwriter. (Don’t you?) Lena will help me get there. (She’ll help you, too.) I see no reason why I should waste my time learning lessons I have to learn the hard way through trial and error when I can jump start the process with advice and information from a pro. I look forward to Lena’s guidance throughout the screenwriting process, from inception to final edit, on technical as well as story aspects. Kick-Ass Muse, get out your red pen. I love a challenge.”

Shane, aspiring screenwriter


“I’m Most Impressed…”

“I receive online mentoring via Skype along with my sister.  Lena knows how to bring out the best in us. I love the way she explains things efficiently, accurate and sweet at the same time. I see my improvement every day. I am really learning the craft of screenwriting!!   Thanks Lena, you are the best!”

Camila from Argentina

“Soy Camila, vivo en Argentina, mi hermana Buchi y yo tomamos clases con Lena Banks via skype. Ella siempre saca lo mejor de nosotras. Me encanta como explica, eficiente, precisa y dulce a la vez. Veo mis progresos dia a dia. Ahora verdaderamente estoy aprendiendo el oficio de escribir guiones de cine! Gracias Lena! Sos la mejor!”


“Thank you, thank you…”

“Hello! I take mentoring classes with gorgeous Lena Banks.Buchi Pic

She kindly took the time of reading our first screenplay, took us so seriously, she is walking with us this amazing but hard path in becoming professional screenwriters.  I am so thankful of everything she does for us, in each mentoring class I get better and better. I really appreciate her commitment in teaching the craft of screenwriting.  God bless you Lena!”

Buchi from Argentina

“Hola! Mi nombre es Buchi, soy de Argentina, tomo clases con la adorable Lena Banks. Ella amablemente se tomo un tiempo para leer mi primer guion, me tomo en serio y me acompaña en este maravilloso pero dificil camino que es el de convertirse en Guionista Profesional.

Estoy muy agradecida por todo lo que ella hace por mi, en cada clase noto como mejoro,  dia a dia.

Su compromiso con sus alumnos es admirable, ella realmente esta involucrada en la enseñanada del arte de escribir guiones de cine.

Dios te bendiga Lena!”


“It feels wonderful…”

“Lena, you’re the best. You give so much of your time, I can’t thank you enough. The script is getting better, really amazing watching it come together. I’m moving forward, implementing all that we talk about. This week I will move up yet another level, really, it feels wonderful learning and growing as a scriptwriter.

Thank you for being you, B. H. El Monte, CA


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