Scriptwriters Come to Hollywood

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Scriptwriters – no matter where you are located… New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo, Melbourne to Vancouver ~ you can be anywhere to take advantage of one-on-one mentoring and learn to write awesome, well written movie scripts.

Cami & Buchi, two beautiful scriptwriting sisters from Argentina, spent three months working with me in Hollywood.  Here we are for their first in-person mentoring after months of learning over Skype.  They’re not only beautiful, but focused, committed and set on achieving success in their scriptwriting careers.

Lena meets Cami & Buchi after months of mentoring them via Skype.

“Cami & Buchi – Scriptwriters from Argentina”




Early evening – Lena with scriptwriting clients Cami & Buchi, gifted, rising star scriptwriters. Of course, wine first, and a night of profound discussion, life experiences that shape a soul’s journey, happy times, memories to be made, success to be had.


“So Easy Even a Newbie Could Do It…”
Thank you girls for sharing your wisdom, your womanhood, your hopes and dreams, yourselves. I feel very blessed to be guiding you towards your success in Hollywood.- Lena Banks

Wine in hand, we begin an evening of profound discussion.

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