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Your scriptwriting ability will soar to an amazing level.


Hello scriptwriters, 

This MasterMind INKubator is for writers of all levels.

When writers are ready I manage them, introduce them to a WGA agency and entertainment attorney.

There’s a lot more to getting into Hollywood than just writing a script.

I have over 18 years experience as a pro Reader, proofreader, mentor and muse.  I’ve worked at every studio and main director in a variety of capacities.  This MasterMind is for committed writers wanting to write and sell scripts (including TV).

This MasterMind is geared towards getting things DONE.

Getting a great idea to start with – DONE.

Getting your logline down – DONE.

Getting ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3 envisioned – DONE.

Getting to know your characters inside out – DONE.

Getting your first 5 lines to WOW them into wanting to read more – DONE.

Getting your first page to blow the Reader out of the water – DONE.

Getting a push to finish what you’ve started – DONE.

Getting a push to focus on accomplishing at least one script completely written – DONE.

Getting back to basics if you’re starting over – this time with new basics – DONE.

Getting to your second draft completed – DONE.

Getting your rewrite or update completed – DONE.

Getting your mind aligned to free up debilitating, unuseful and useless mindsets or behavior – DONE.

Getting to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. scripts – DONE.

And more…

This MasterMind INKubator will take you to

higher and higher levels of writing ability, with encouragement

and accountability to accomplish your dream of writing that one-of-a-kind

amazing, brilliant screenplay and drive you to getting it sold.


The MasterMind INKubator is hosted by Lena Banks, who has been a pro Hollywood Reader & Proofreader/editor, coach, and writer’s muse for 18 years. The person you want to get to know – the Hollywood Gatekeeper.

It’s $20 (cash only).  It meets at 7:30p on Wednesdays with a 45 minute to 1 hour talk and as much Q&A as needed.  

Street parking and very safe area, held in a very nice, upscale room.


Welcome to the MasterMind INKubator group.

To your passion and success as a writer,

Lena Banks

323 247 7118

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