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Make sure you are taking your scriptwriting seriously and use the software that the professionals use – Final Draft.


Get MasterWriter – your secret weapon for becoming a brilliant wordsmith, wow-em-on-the-page scriptwriter.

“MasterWriter is an absolute necessity for today’s creative writer.”

– Robert Zemeckis, Writer/Director, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump

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You can get started in Hollywood while you sit in your own home.

Do you want to write?

Do you want to direct?

Do you want to produce?

Do you want to act?

Do you want to write and direct?

Do you want to write and act in your own movie?


No matter what YOU want to do in Hollywood the very best way to get inside is to hire me to teach you how to really write a proper movie script by my easy-to-do method –

“How to Write A Low Budget Movie Script”

and take Dov S-S Simen’s 2 Day Film School

– Pre-Production & Budgeting
– Writing & Selling A-Z (2-Hours)
– Casting & Actors (1-Hour)
– Directing & Shooting (2-Hours)
– Cameras & Lighting (1-Hour)
– Post-Production & Editing (1-Hour)
– Plus Much More
– Producing Independent Features
– Studio Dealmaking & Gov’t. Funding
– Film Financing & Movie Profits (1.5-Hours)
– Film Festivals & Foreign Sales (1.5-Hours)
– Distributors & Crowd Funding (1.5-Hours)
– 42 Revenue Streams & Profits (1.5-Hour)
– Plus Much More

I created for YOU an easy method of scriptwriting utilizing Dov’s 2 Day Film School blunt approach to writing movie scripts and enhanced and expanded it to help YOU, an aspiring scriptwriter, as well as actor-writers, director-writers and producer-writers to become what YOU want to be  – a major player.  To get there YOU need a movie script. 

  • I work one-on-one with scriptwriters worldwide
  • You will write your first LOW BUDGET movie script (that’s how you get started – Tarantino did it and many more)
  • I will manage you and get you an agent when you complete a marketable well written script

So YOU can

– get your foot in the door – get on the grid – be a Hollywood player.

Don’t let anyone tell you YOU can’t do it.

Repeat after meI can do it, yes I can.

I met Dov over 18 years ago and have used what I learned from him every single day of my life in Hollywood.  I went forward and worked on every studio lot where I devoured the expertise of everyone I came in contact with.  I utilized top of the line talents of the pros and developed techniques in movie (and TV) scriptwriting that far exceeded what was out there for scriptwriters to learn from.  Writers needed to know how to write amazing movie scripts.  I’ve read over a 1,000 movie scripts for production companies, producers, execs, directors, well known writers, agents and mangers over the years.  I found a better way to help hopeful scriptwriters achieve their best scriptwriting. Scriptwriting is a ‘learned’ craft.

YOU have access to me worldwideYou have access to Dov as well – he sells his 2 Day Film School class seminar on DVD.  Check it out –

Dov S-S Simen’s 2 Day Film School

Dov is called the “Champion of Independent Filmmaking,”

Dov’s Grads – which include the likes of

  • Quentin Tarantino (“Reservoir Dogs,” “Kill Bill”)
  • Chris Nolan (Director of “Batman Begins,” “Memento”)
  • Guy Ritchie (“Snatch,” “Revolver”)
  • Will Smith
  • Baz Luhrmann (“The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio, “Moulin Rouge!”)
  • Paul Brooks (Producer of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “White Noise”)

and the makers of 

  • “The Blair Witch Project”
  • “The Matrix” trilogy
  •  “Meet The Parents”
  • “The Karate Kid” reboot
  • “Fuel” (Documentary) and many others

have gone on to shoot, produce and direct films that have grossed over $16 BILLION at the box office.

Dov’s 2-Day Film School class gives YOU the essential tools YOU need to launch and build a film-making career. And I help you get there by training YOU how to write a great script.

Whether YOU’RE a film-maker, screenwriter, producer, director or actor, Dov teaches YOU how to create and shoot marketable and sellable feature films with the resources that YOU have TODAY. He’ll take YOU through the entire process of film-making and will inspire YOU to take action NOW.

Look at these testimonies:

“He is…without parallel…It’s a joy to watch a man like Dov Simens because he’s so good at it. There’s no baby-talk in his crash course methods…the crowd of eager people savor every word…” – The Los Angeles Times


“AMAZING!” – Dieter Kosslick / Berlin Film Festival


“Inspiration…Why waste 4 years at a film school? I took Dov’s 2-Day Film School and launched my career…” – Quentin Tarantino, Writer/Director


“Can you cram everything you need to know into a two-day film school? Hollywood-based film instructor Dov Simens was here on the weekend, and it was pretty amazing.” – Vancouver Sun

For scriptwriting help call me at 323 247 7118 or email:

To check out Dov S-S Simen’s 2 Day (awesome) Film School click here: Dov S-S Simen’s 2 Day Film School

Dov S-S Simens

Lena Banks - Think Tank Ink

Lena Banks, scriptwriter consultant, teacher, mentor, scriptwriter and co-writer –   Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret over 18+ years.

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